I am Bruno Pizzini youth trainer who has been working internationally for 10 years now, gathering experience with non-formal methods as a facilitator. Interested in languages, I am now learning how to use the C.I. approach both as a student of foreign languages and an instructor of my mother tongue, Italian. I have worked as the Head of international activities of Levitazione and started working with the Youth in Action programme when I was a volunteer and group leader at the International Youth Exchange office of the Turin City Council. Since then, I have been leading many projects in my home country as well as abroad. I am also supporting groups doing local and international activities. I am analysing the groups and giving them the support the group needs. In 2017-18 I participated in the training course and became an official trainer of Salto-Youth.

I was born in Rivoli (Torino) in 1982 one month later than the Italian Football’ Team won the 3rd world cup. I grew up in a nice environment and one particularity of me is that my parents are originally from 2 different regions of Italy. My father is from Piedmont and my mother is from Sicily. Why this is important? I realized that it is important because this make me easier to understand the importance of European Citizenship. For whom knows the history of Italy, it is a bit easier to understand the situation. We had a strong internal immigration from South to North because of the economic boom and many people who lived in the North part of Italy, let’s say that they were not happy about this “immigration”.

It is written in the history books that in many shops and buildings posters appeared written on them: Non vendiamo ai meridionali or Qui non si affitta ai meridionali (We do not sell to the Southern people, Here we do not rent to the Southern people). Intolerance and acts of violence were common for many years. Hate speech was part of many politicians and political parties. Especially one party made the strongest propaganda but this is another story.

Many prejudices, stereotypes and jokes were (and are) made of  people from South- Italy. I know that many people living outside of Italy could say “But you are all Italians”. The answer you can find in the History, the unification of Italy is very young if we compare with other European countries, it happened just around 150 years ago.

The situation what was in the past it’s very similar to in what we are living today in Italy and in Europe.

I am a son of integration, a bridge from 2 cultures far from each other and I have understood that nationality is one thing and cultural identity is another. I am proud of being Italian, I love my region and I love the difference of the 2 cultures inside me. I do not deny who I am and where I came from.

Anyway, beside of this background I grew up and lived for 30 years in Rivoli and in 2002 I got a Secondary School Diploma of Photography and visual communication. I have very good knowledge of photography, Technics and visual communication but after several years in this labour market my life turned  to another direction, to another field totally unexpected.

Everything started on my first youth exchange in September 2001 in Spain, with a wonderful experience that changed my life. For the first time on abroad and the first time to speak English (or try speaking English) I learnt more English knwoledges during that 2 weeks than in all previously during 11 years of studies. It gave me so much motivation for learning other languages that I thought I should promote ths activity and basically from that time I started to be volunteer and participated in more and more youth exchanges. Thanks to Youth in Action Program I travelled almost all the Europe.

In 2006 I spent one week in Pécs (Hungary) for a youth project, it was the International  Cultural Week in Pécs (ICWIP), and when I arrived  back to Italy my group leader proposed me to participate in a Training Course organized by the Municipality of Turin to become a group leader.

From that moment I develop more and more competences useful for my entire life. I wanted to understand more about the Youth in Action Program and I was voluntarily studying the Youth Policy Strategy in Europe.

I was volunteer of some Italian youth associations, e.g. Enzimistudio, and the most important Levitazione.

In 2012 in a training course in Portugal I met my girlfriend and since 2014 I have been living  in Budapest, Hungary.

From September 2017 I started to participate on the Training for Trainers of Erasmus+ organized by SALTO-YOUTH Research Centre. It was divided in 3 seminar and it was 10 months long, definitely one of my best experience of my life.