EntrepreneurShip (II) – Sailing to Success

EntrepreneurShip (II) – Sailing to Success

Training Course financial by Erasmus+ Programme 24th November - 3rd December 2019

Long-term disengagement from the labor market has economic as well as social consequences for Europe’s youth. To raise youth employment and foster sustainable growth, the EU acknowledges the potential of youth entrepreneurship as a means of creating jobs and developing human capital.

Eurofound’s 2015 report on youth entrepreneurship in Europe indicates that 48 % of European youth are interested in becoming entrepreneurs, and 41 % believe this is also possible. Still, only 6,5 % of young Europeans were self-employed. Despite the report now being 3 years old, there is no evidence to indicate that these rates have increased significantly which reveals that within Europe’s youth there is an entrepreneurial spirit, but many young Europeans lack knowledge, skills, empowerment or support to pursue their ideas. 
Therefore, the aim of the project was to strengthen the youth sectors role in supporting young entrepreneurs through a reinforced network of youth organisations and increased capacity of youth workers in non-formal entrepreneurship education

The aim have been reached through the following objectives:

  • Create concrete network of youth organisations across Europe for promoting entrepreneurial spirit among youth through utilizing best practices and identifying shared innovative proposals;
  • Utilize newly established partnerships among the partners of the project to enhance local youth’s mobility possibilities, for instance through European Solidarity Corps or Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs;
  • Explore and reinforce the role of non-formal education in the promotion of youth entrepreneurship;
  • Increase youth workers competencies and toolbox for delivering non-formal entrepreneurship education to young people.