Trainer, Coach & Mentor

From September 2017 and June 2018 I participate in the famous Training for Trainers of Erasmus+ organized by SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centre. One of the best experience of my life. I had experience as trainer before to participate on this log-term training course, but definitely it boosted my competences and improve my self-esteem and self-assessment. There were 3 amazing trainers and 3 amazing seminars in the Netherlands, Poland and Germany.

As a trainer and facilitator my approach is base on experiential basic cycle of David Kolb.

  • Concrete Experience: Doing or having an experience;
  • Reflective Observation: Observation of and reflection on that experience;
  • Abstract Conceptualisation: Concluding or learning form the experience;
  • Active Experimentation: Planning or training out what you have learn;




However, as Kolb said, I always keep in mind the 4 learning styles:

  • Accommodating: Getting things done, leading, taking risk, initiating, being adaptable, being practical;
  • Diverging: Being imaginative, understanding people, recognizing problems, brainstorming, being ope-minded;
  • Assimilating: Planning, creating models, defining problems, developing theories, being patient;
  • Converging: Solving problems, making decisions, reasoning, defining problems, being logical.