Dear followers and friends,

during this period that i’m spending here in Budapest i’m thinking a lot what means active partcipation and European Citinzeship!

Let me say that this 2 topic are really big for me and they mean everything and, in the same time, nothing! Nothing because when you want to explain praticaly something that its really big you almost always lost the real point and praticaly examples. Of course now most of the people who are reading this post think that what i’m writing its not true but let me say some examples.

Last month exatly 6th April here in Budapest there was the election day for the parlament and governament. I’m always really inquirring how its working the election in other EU country and comparing the rules of my country becasue maybe i/we can learn something from them (this is the spirit of YiA and all the programe financial by UE).

Maybe you already know it but i want to tell and/or remind you that in Italy and i think in other country too, they see the Hungary with sospect and fear because they elected, in the last election (2010), with big percentual the fascist party “Jobbik” in the parlament and governament.

So now i don’t want analize or coplain this fact becasue its to long to explain all the points of view, but let me say that for me this kind event happen its a signal/message that we have to keep under control. I’m beleving that today all the parties and all this sistem its not appropriate for the new social level that its starting to changing deeply.

So, but go back to European citinzenship what we were talking before.

I want to tell you that when i was with my girlfriend and she was voteing with her mother, they did without fear and problems in front of everybody.  There was the cabin where you can do it in secret but she told me that you can do it in front everybody and without problem.

So, for me this it was REAAALLLLY SHOCKING! Let me said that i’m from Italy where the vote have to be secret because for many reasons you don’t have to show in front everybody. Let me say some examples why we have it:

1° Mafia – In my contry, but i’m sure not only in mine, the politics and mafia are close, directly connected, always in contact not in all the cases (lackily some onest politic exist). I’m leaving where the mafius man want to keep the control the party and/or people ask the prove that you (citinzen) vote “in the right way”.

2° History – we had for 20 years in our country Mussolini and all the sistem of fascism so many people fight and did for this rights for this i’m voting and in secret way.

When i explain this reason to my girlfriend she said:
“if somebody want to know what you are voting, they can check your facebook page and they can see your pubblic post. And actually, I don’t want leave in one country where i cannot express my vote with fear.”

Beatiful answer but …

Dear followers and friends now i would like to know what you think about this.
Please comment i want to know your opinion.


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