First 2 months 3rd part

  •   I met with Annamaria 7 person who are interested to participate in EVS program in 2 meeting.
    1st it was in Ifjusagi Kozossegi Ter, in a youth center where youngsters can spend free time in afternoon. We made a presentation in front of 6 volunteers explained and involved in examples all of them.
    2nd He is a person who want to go in Italy for 6 or more months. The name is Peter and he is in the age limit (30 years old).

  • I made the post to send to Erasmus Office with the picture and explanation in Hugarian. I already used the post card of TEIS.

  • Thanks to Thomas, group leader of Radar organization, I had the first meeting with students in the school. I start to inform them of the possibility that Europe give to the youngsters, examples: Youth exchange, EVS, ect. …

First group of youngster who are interested in EVS (especially who is on the coach!) XD



Here there is Pietro!


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